¿What punishment should be the person who abuses animals?

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Morrissey Showing support to Veganism

*The star left the audience of the Quinta Vergara reflecting on what it means to eat meat.
"Meat is Murder" is the title of the topic that drew the flag of animal rights in the frivolous stage.
 One of his animal advocacy issues notices of birds and animals suffering during his upbringing and subsequent killing. In the video for the single fund with raw images accompanying the former member of The Smiths that maximum speed uttered each of the sentences. At times the cameras prevented a shot to not show the video where chickens hanging rails inert as factories and cattle were butchered while still alive. At the end of the song and absorption, the English singer sat on stage with his back to the audience to reflect on the cruelty and abuse they undergo billions of animals to satisfy human hunger. Far away but clearly the public that the star was near vegan heard a visceral "Morrissey thanks".

                                                    *Morrissey In Viña del Mar Chile

Diary of a Dog I - Animal Abuse

Please ... distribute this video, images hard but real images, no animal should suffer because of irresponsible human, no animal deserves this treatment ...
Before adopting a puppy note that a puppy or adult, needs food, needs attention and love, do not take a teddy to accompany you on your vacation, then get rid of it on the route or on any street ... life and the animals have feelings like you and me, also blood runs through his veins. He will love you idolized, will follow you and to give his life for you, do not let anything or anyone hurt, including you ... Help us help them, help us to protect them, they ... they deserve ...
Diary of a Dog, is made of PPS received a text, I wanted to put images, images that can be recorded in the mind and so thereby help to realize, it seems incredible that the Human Being, which boasts the ability reasoning and for that reason said to be superior in the animal kingdom, even then such atrocities, it seems incredible, but true ...

Dog Crucified in southern of Chile

* The dog was found him dying and bleeding.

 Caused controversy in social networks for distributing a video where you can see a dog with its front legs embedded in the tips of the fence of a home in Osorno.

After hearing the barking and see the dog limb injuries, persons riding down the street on Tuesday they told Paula Jaraquemada staff first police station in the southern town.

The police went to the scene to rescue the dog with the help of a muzzle.

After the rescue, the officers managed to contact the owner, a college student who told regional media that it was an accident and moved to your pet to a veterinary clinic for recovery.

The situation sparked outrage in animal groups who claim that the fact is an animal abuse.

*The video shows when the police arrived at the place where the dog is crucified, shown as trying to rescue him and his transfer to a veterinary center

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

Fox of Chiloe

imagen de Zorro Chilote ( Pseudalopex fulvipes) Animales en Extincion 
*Chilote Fox or Darwin Fox

 Darwin's fox or fox Chilote (Pseudalopex fulvipes), is a canine endemic in southern Chile in critical danger of extinction.

In fact, the fox and the fox Chilote island or island gray fox (Urocyon littoralis), inhabiting the islands of California, are the two largest canid species in risk of extinction in the world.

According to the IUCN, the total adult population has less than 250 individuals at present (2008 data). In 2004 it was estimated a total of about 600 foxes both players as the rest, 100 of them on the mainland and 500 on the island.

In Chiloé inhabiting an area of 200 km long x 62 km wide, with the exception of the most populated areas of the east and northeast.

Chiloé National Park has a large population of foxes, but foxes also live in the surrounding areas, where the vegetation is still important. The latter are vulnerable areas and where there is a continuing deforestation, forest fragmentation and poaching by locals. Furthermore, there is the problem of contact of foxes and people, causing conflicts.

It is known for its presence in Nahuelbuta National Park since 1975, this park has only 68.3 km ² where foxes survive in degraded forests surrounded by farmland and plantations of exotic trees.

Although this species is protected in the National Park, there is a high mortality, especially when foxes move unprotected areas outside the park to find better temperature conditions in winter.

The presence of dogs in the park is probably the greatest threat as they are potential transmitters of diseases, as well as direct attackers.
*Nahuelbuta National Park

 There are projects like the Dawin's Fox Research & Conservation Project, which launched the Conservation Project Darwin Fox. To achieve the objectives of the project involved a group of Chilean scientists and those involved in the management of wildlife. Besides using a combination of basic research in genetics, epidemiology and ecology of Chiloe fox and dog population rural, supported by a program of environmental education.

The Chinchilla, How endangered are in Chile?

imagen de Chinchilla de cola larga (Chinchilla lanigera) Animales en Extincion 
* Chinchilla colilarga 

 Surprisingly since surely many of you have had a home chinchilla, chinchillas wild 'parents' of domestic chinchillas, are critically endangered.

Reasons?: In just 15 years in Chile has gone to 90% of its population, plus the very low current population is under pressure from poaching and habitat reduction? reason enough to classify it as seriously endangered.
To make it more clear to us, these chinchillas were once abundant, but came to have only 42 small colonies in the wild in 1996. The number of these colonies and the general population size decreases steadily in time.

Although lower quality of coat and size as the other Chinchilla, has established worldwide market, probably because of its greater malleability in captivity.

 A long-tailed chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera), also called chinchilla Chilean coastal chinchilla, Chinchilla chinchilla costina or less.

COMPARISON Chinchillas: Chinchilla Within the genus there are two species, the long-tailed Chinchilla and actual chinchilla (Chinchilla chinchilla), formerly known as Chinchilla brevicaudata. Both are in critical danger of extinction. In comparison, the long-tailed Chinchilla is smaller, has more rounded ears and tail longer than the actual chinchilla.
Domestic Copies are larger than wild and have more sexual dimorphism, which means that there are more differences between males and females. There are also more varieties of colors due to mutations that have been maintained through artificial selection. Keep in mind that the first copies to play them and raise them in captivity were not chosen at random, if that were not selected for the quality of their hair and their size. Until now point are different, they are not considered the same species, so obviously not feel threatened.


1.Actualmente are so few, that are below the minimum viable population, that is, there are not enough copies so that populations are maintained for long. To give us an idea, say for example if there are 10 pieces in a very large, are not and do not reproduce? This would be an example that can happen in a non viable.
2.the predation by foxes has increased in recent years, probably because they are also scarce other usual prey for the fox.
3.On recently, the decline is exacerbated by both abiotic and biotic changes
4.Many species populations increase and decrease in their cycles (increase and decrease very much increase again?) Could be that they are in a phase of decline in population
5.Peleterias: Legal who are over Chile which produces a threat to this species.

                                                * Women with Chinchilla fur coat


COMPLAINT: Aspiring policeman hanged and buried alive a dog


A photograph of raw animal abuse by a police student has caused a profound rejection in social networks. The animalistic criticize the fact, while in the institution indicate that this happened with Prior to the entry of this person to the police school.

*According to the same applicant for police, the animal does not suffer any kind of physical or psychological, it was just a game he did with the animal.

Chilean organizations against ANIMAL ABUSE

*ProAnimal Chile consists of 40 animal protection organizations throughout Chile over the support of international organizations and animal protection advocacy.

Although in Chile there is no "Animal Protection Act", a number of items inserted in different laws, rules and regulations to ensure animal protection and punish abuse and cruelty to animals.

Did you know that the government, the Senate and House of Representatives try:

- Lower the character of "crime" that is currently in effect and has historically maintained in the Criminal Code since the beginning of the Republic, to acts of abuse and cruelty to an animal, to a simple "NO". (which does not even contemplate nature to acts of crime as serious as bestiality).

- Reduce fines well, less than half of which are currently in force today, which can also be replaced with community work, even in agreement with the offender, (it is noteworthy that the Supreme Court represented the impropriety of establishing sanctions "agreement with the offender" in letter No. 1526 dated August 1, 2003). what certainly lead to aberrant acts could be punished with the simple request that the offender paint a wall. This means a real mockery of legal regime governing the matter.

 Organizations in defense of animals in Chile